If there is such a thing as a perfect dog, then the Mi Ki is it!  They are sweet, calm, adorable, personable, smart, non shedding, hypo allergenic, and on and on! However, I am still not convinced that these words adequately describe what a Mi Ki is - they are just truly, special, special little dogs.

Since discovering this absolutely adorable breed, we have loved and treasured every minute with them.  What a blessing they have been to our lives!

We take the awe inspiring job of bringing these special little sweeties into the world very seriously.  We give them all the special love and care they deserve and feel a tremendous responsibility in placing them with lucky families that will continue that love and care for a lifetime.  Any family adopting a puppy from Stoneridge Mi Ki’s will have lifetime breeder support and a lifetime return policy.  They may leave our homes but never leave our hearts!

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